Windshield Emergency Service

Most of us have gone at least at some point in our lives through that scary moment when we step outside and see our windshield shattered in pieces, either due to mother nature or some random people wanting to cause harm. We understand that at the moment you may feel full of frustration, anger, distress and many other feelings.

When this happens try to stay calm and try to do the following:

1) Call the police immediately and file a report

If you believe it was a robbery, call your police department immediately. Click here for the police department in your city

2) Call your insurance company.

Regardless of the time of the day, your insurance company should be notified immediately that your car has been broken into. If you have full comprehensive coverage (not liability, or PLPD), damage to your vehicle will likely be covered under your policy. It is also likely that you will be required to pay a deductible.

If your damage is less than your deductible, don’t waste your time making a claim. For example, if your insurance deductible is $500 or more, and the only damage to your car is a $200-$300 window that must be replaced, you shouldn’t make a claim.

Sadly but true, be aware that it is very unlikely that your insurance company will cover any of your stolen items. Mention any stolen items to your adjuster, but don’t count on receiving compensation for items stolen from your car.

3) Secure your personal information to prevent identity theft.

This is extremely important!!! Your personal information might be at risk so please do the following:

– cancel credit cards,

– contact your banks and lenders, place holds on your accounts,

– contact your identity protection provider (if any),

– replace your important legal documents (i.e. – drivers license, Social Security card) immediately.

4) Replace the glass as soon as possible – This is when we help you!

No matter what your insurance company tells you on the phone, it is VERY unsafe to drive your car with a window broken out and it should be replaced IMMEDIATELY. Keep your receipts and estimates, but these documents (along with the police report) will be enough evidence that you have had the glass replaced for insurance purposes.

We hope you found this tips useful, if you have an emergency please call us at 503.654.0114, if it is not a real emergency fill out our quote form to ask for a free estimate!