Portland Rock Chip Repair

Portland Rock Chip repair is an important safety factor for you and your family. A damaged windshield is very unsafe, and if it is left damaged, then a chipped or cracked windshield will only get worse. So you might be asking yourself the following questions, what causes these cracks in the first place?  Could you prevent them from happening? Is  the repair too expensive? Will my insurance cover a Portland rock chip repair?

So, first things first, there are many different causes of windshield cracks, but listed below  are the three most common:

  • Gravel and stones.  Gravel damage can start as a very small chip almost unnoticeable, and then expand into a very dangerous crack over time. Take Care for your windshield by getting the Portland rock chip repair as soon as possible before it becomes a crack and becomes much more expensive to get a windshield replacement. Many chips are a simple fix for auto glass repairmen and should not take long.
  • Extreme weather.  From punishing cold in the winter to heavy rain and strong winds in the spring, Oregon experiences its fair share of extreme weather. Your windshield can be damaged by hail or flying debris during a storm, so the best advice would be to store your car in a garage or other enclosed space during bad weather. Cold temperatures cause glass to stress, even more when it meets the warm air of your car’s heated interior.  The different temperatures from the inside and the outside cause the glass to expand one layer of the glass while the other shrinks, causing a crack.  While you can’t avoid the cold, never, let us say that again, never!, pour hot water on your windshield when it’s covered with ice in the morning, this will almost undoubtedly create a crack that will require your attention and costing you money.
  • Structural weakness.  Because of how glass is manufactured, there are several weak points along the edges of the glass.  Over time, these weak points might cause cracks, normally starting from the edge of the windshield.  Most windshields have a warranty to protect you against this type of damage, so it would be a smart decision to check with your portland auto glass repair company to see if your specific windshield is covered.

If you would like to find out more about this type of damage or would like to request a free quote for Portland Rock chip repair, please call us at 503.654.0114. We specialize in windshields, doorglass, sideglass, slider. We provide service to cars, trucks, semis, and suvs.