Car Window Glass Repair

Rocks and other road debris can damage your vehicle’s windshield, and the damage usually comes in the form of a chip or a crack. Damaged windshields should be restored or replaced by trained technicians, and the average repair should take a half hour or less. Car window glass repair in Portland Oregon can solve many issues, but if your windshield is too severely damaged for a repair, replacement is the best choice. Read on to learn the advantages of professional windshield repair from Metro Auto Glass.

Windshield Repairs Are Low-Cost

In most cases, it is cheaper to repair a windshield than it is to replace it. When repairs are needed, it is important to consider whether your insurance will cover the cost. Most policies cover standard windshield repairs, and some cover replacements, but if you don’t have this type of insurance coverage you’ll have to pay the entire cost out of your own pocket. Therefore, windshield repair is a quick, cost- effective solution.

Repaired Windshields Offer Greater Safety

Professional windshield repairs can restore strength lost because of minor chips and cracks. When your windshield is damaged, it is important to remember that its structural integrity may be compromised. When this occurs, passengers may be hurt during an accident or if an object strikes your windshield. Your windshield’s strength protects you and your passengers, and if you put off necessary repairs, you will create an unsafe condition.

Better Vision With Repaired Glass

A cracked or chipped windshield can cause issues with visual acuity, which means that you may have trouble seeing what’s around you on the road. Effective windshield repairs reduce blemishes as epoxies are injected into the damaged areas. Repairs can make it easier for you to see the road around you, and they can help to preserve your windshield’s clarity and structural integrity.

Glass Repair is Eco-Friendly

In cases of severe damage windshield replacement is the right choice, but in other cases repair is a more environmentally friendly option. Windshields have laminates that aren’t recyclable, and any discarded windshields are thrown into the trash. When you choose car window glass repair in Portland Oregon, it cuts down on the amount of material that’s sent to the landfill.

A Proper Seal

Water intrusion into your vehicle is usually due to an unsealed windshield. Cracks can allow water and air to penetrate, and cold air can keep your heater from functioning at peak efficiency. If you have a chipped or cracked windshield, call Metro Auto Glass for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.