RV Windshield Repair

Since RVs are such big vehicles, the maintenance is extremely important to your vehicle’s health. One crack in such a big windshield can be very damaging to your vehicle, and if not repaired quickly, the cost can be outrageous. Not only is the cost a concern, but after an accident, it is extremely dangerous not to replace your windshield if cracked. The windshield is one of the lines of defense in an RV vehicle from the passenger being ejected.


At Metro Auto Glass, you can count on us for your vehicle’s shape. We want to give you a quality windshield that lasts. In the process of filing for a glass claim with your insurance company, we are here to help! If your windshield happens to be cracked, call us for a FREE quote, or fill out our online quote form. We are here to help all in the Portland, Oregon area.