Why Portland Windshields Are Cracking

According to the Tom traffic index, Portland traffic is ranked the 10th worst in the United States. The average commuting in 2014 was 50 minutes to work, 20 minutes more than in 2013. Portland traffic was ranked worse than Washington D.C. traffic, which came in at number 9. Along with Portland traffic being an issue in the cold weather, breaking windshields are also a big issue. Here are the top five reasons for Portland windshields cracking:

1. Weather Changes – Since Portland weather can be very cold in the winter and go below freezing, glass can easily crack. Severe weather changes that are too hot or too cold can make your glass contract and expand, which lead to cracks.

2. Driving behind construction vehicles – A lot of construction or transportation vehicles travel throughout the city of Portland. This means, if you are behind one of these vehicles, you are at risk of windshield damage. Debris from construction vehicles, dirt, rock, tools, and other materials can fall off and crack your windshield. This is why it is important to keep a safe distance behind any construction vehicle.

3. Debris – Flying road debris and trucks piled high with improperly secured loads are a fact of life in Portland. There was an estimated 140,000 cubic yards of road debris a year. Unfortunately, due to the high level of debris, many people have lost their lives from flying objects on the road. Rocks and Spider Cracks on Windshields are very hazardous for driving. When you see a small chip in your windshield, it is best to get it fixed right away before it becomes a major problem and cost.

4. Driving on Gravel roads – Driving on gravel can lift the gravel up from the ground and hit your windshield. Use caution when driving over different surfaces, and go slower.

5. Improperly installed windshields- Many Accidents and deaths have been reported as a result from improperly installed windshields. It is always wise to make sure the person or company installing your windshield is experienced in doing so.

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