Cop Car Glass Repair

green_sheriff_car1 green_sheriff_car2 green_sheriff_car3We realize the number of times cop cars get a chip or completely damage their glass windows. At metro Auto Glass, we specialize in auto glass repair. If you have been in an accident, or had a weather – related chip, we can fix it! We are here to repair your car with the best quality glass and top experts in glass repair.

Cop Cars are more prone to accidents, so it is important to fix any glass problems right away when you see them. Glass is very delicate so any little dent can become a major problem if not taken care of right away. In the cold weather, glass is also more prone to breakage because the cold air expands the glass. When glass expands it is much easier to break. With either warm or cold temperatures this can happen. With any dent or breakage in glass, we want to help you restore your glass to perfection! So come in today for a FREE quote!