Same Day Auto Glass Repair

Over 7.5 million auto insurance claims are filed each year because of glass damage, and of those claims, 80% are due to damaged windshields. When your windshield is damaged, it is important for you to understand your replacement and repair options, and to know what to expect. Below, you will find five questions to ask your insurer and your auto glass repair company.

Is it Possible to Repair Windshield Damage?

Most incidents happen when rocks hit and chip your windshield. Today’s windshields are so light that the glass usually splinters into tiny cracks that can be filled; however, for damage exceeding six inches in diameter, replacement is a better option. Same-day repairs done by Metro Auto Glass aren’t just cosmetic – they preserve the structural integrity of your windshield.

Why Should I Repair my Windshield?

Small cracks and chips may seem minor, but they can grow and spread quickly. If this occurs while you’re driving, the distraction can be dangerous. Driving over a speed bump or pothole can cause sudden stress, as can temperature changes, high heat and everyday use. Repairs are cost-effective solutions that can prevent the need for a costly replacement, and we can do it the same day.

How do Metro Auto Glass Windshield Repairs Work?

We’ll use special equipment to create a vacuum over the chipped area, removing moisture and air. Then, we’ll inject resin that fills even the tiniest cracks, and we’ll finish the repair with a UV hardener.

What if my Windshield can’t be Fixed?

If the damaged area is too large to repair, or if it’s in your line of sight, a replacement is the right choice. Your cost will vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive, and all windshields installed here in the US must meet minimum NHTSA standards. Some states waive deductibles for windshield repairs and replacements if you have comprehensive coverage, and most insurers waive deductibles for repairs only.

Can I Choose a Shop to do my Repairs or Replacement?

Every insurer must allow policyholders to choose a windshield repair service, but not all shops are the same. Windshield repair doesn’t have to be inconvenient; at Metro Auto Glass, we can do the job the same day. We can even come to you!

At Metro Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on our job quality, customer service and solid warranty. Our technicians are trained and certified in the latest windshield repair techniques, and our work is guaranteed. Having a damaged windshield can be an upsetting experience, but with Metro, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll take care of the damage.